Apr 212015

It’s show time again, with the next event being just a few days away: Saturday, 25th April – the 2015 Wakefield Show, which will be open to the public from 10:30am until 4:30pm, in the Cypress and Hawthorne Suites of the Cedar Court Hotel, Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3QZ. Continue reading »

Feb 182015

The first RISC OS show of the calendar year is the Southwest Show, which takes place this coming Saturday, 21st February – and I will be there as usual representing Soft Rock Software. As with the 2014 London Show, the 2015 Southwest Show will be your next opportunity to purchase one of Soft Rock Software’s own products; the RiscPiC-mini case for the Raspberry Pi. Continue reading »

Oct 182014

Soft Rock Software will, as usual, be attending the annual RISC OS London Show, which takes place one week from today. And at this year’s show – for the first time in many years – it will be possible to buy one of Soft Rock Software’s own products: a RiscPiC-mini case for the Raspberry Pi. Continue reading »

Jul 092014

The annual Midlands Midsummer Mugshow takes place on 12th July, 2014 – this coming Saturday – and, as usual, I will be there to talk about Soft Rock Software‘s existing products, such as WebChange, as well as websites such as RISCOSitory.

The show will take place at: Continue reading »

Feb 252014

On 1st March, 2014 – this coming Saturday – I will be attending the next major UK event in the RISC OS Calendar: The RISC OS South West Show, 2014.

This is my “local” event, being held at the Webbington Hotel and Spa, Loxton, Somerset, BS26 2HU, just an hour’s drive, or thereabouts, Continue reading »

Jul 062012

Soft Rock Software will be in attendance at this year’s Midlands Show, which will be held on Saturday, 7th July from 11am until 4pm, in St John’s Church Hall, 205 Warwick Road, Kenilworth CV8 1HY.

Pop along to the stand and discuss any of Soft Rock Software’s products, such as WebChange and Quicksand (which, although not yet released in this form, now runs in a window on the RISC OS desktop), or RISCOSitory, the RISC OS news site, or the mailing lists provided through its sibling domain, both sponsored and run by Soft Rock Software for the benefit of the RISC OS community. Or just chat about RISC OS matters in general!

See you there!

Mar 102011

I am pleased to confirm that Soft Rock Software will again be attending the premier event in the RISC OS Calendar, the Wakefield Show, which will be held on Saturday, 16th April, 2011, at the Cedar Court Hotel, Calder Grove, Wakefield.

I will be discussing and demonstrating WebChange and talking about anything else available from the main site, as usual, but I’m also interested in hearing people’s opinions on the subject of RISCOSitory.com which, as some may have noticed, I have now started to increasingly use for news and information in the RISC OS world. Is this a good idea? Is there anything else I could do with it to make it more useful? Come along and let me know what you think!