RiscPiC stock clearance at UK RISC OS events

Starting at the RISC OS Southwest Show, 2020, which will take place on Saturday, 22nd February at the Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol, the RiscPiC cases for the Raspberry Pi will be available to buy at reduced prices – putting them below cost price – in order to clear stock.

There are currently no plans to replenish stock of existing models, so once these are gone there are unlikely to be any more available in their current forms.

The two main case designs are the RiscPiC-standard, which will henceforth be available for £30.00 including VAT (normal price £50.00 inc.) and the RiscPiC-mini, which will be priced at £20.00 including VAT (normal price £30.00 inc.)

In addition, any remaining stock of the original RiscPiC-mini case, which was suitable only for the original Model B Raspberry Pi, will be £10.00 including VAT, and any remaining ‘blemished’ RiscPiC-mini cases will be reduced to just £5.00 including VAT.

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