Happy 25th, Soft Rock Software – part 1

Four years ago, in 2010, a nostalgic look through some old files revealed that Soft Rock Software had reached twenty one years of age. That means this year, 2014, sees the business reach its twenty fifth year.

The first transaction on the business bank account – merely me paying some of my own money into the account – was on 30th June, 1989, which led me to adopt a 1st July to 30th June trading year, and was the reason I chose 30th June as Soft Rock Software’s official birthday.

However, what I established four years ago was that the bank account was almost certainly opened on 20th March, 1989 – twenty five years ago today. So, although 30th June is the real date I will be celebrating this year, I couldn’t let today go by without at least giving it a mention!

So it’s not so much a case of happy 25th Soft Rock Software, as it is happy 25th Soft Rock Software’s bank account!

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