RISC OS Southwest Show 2015

The first RISC OS show of the calendar year is the Southwest Show, which takes place this coming Saturday, 21st February – and I will be there as usual representing Soft Rock Software. As with the 2014 London Show, the 2015 Southwest Show will be your next opportunity to purchase one of Soft Rock Software’s own products; the RiscPiC-mini case for the Raspberry Pi.

RiscPiC® is a range of 3D-printed case designs for the Raspberry Pi, with a distinctive RISC OS flavour to them: They are designed as a tribute to the iconic RiscPC, which celebrated its 20th birthday at last year’s Wakefield Show.

There are currently two designs in the range, the standard RiscPiC and the RiscPiC-mini, although only the latter is currently available, and in limited numbers.

Prototype RiscPiC standard case
Prototype standard RiscPiC  case

The standard RiscPiC, when it becomes available, will measure approximately 12x10x3cm, and is designed to accommodate the Rasberry Pi Model A, B or B+ (including the recently released Raspberry Pi 2), exposing the front and rear connectors directly. The connectors on the side remain internal, and anything connected to them needs to be fed out through the rear of the case – with suitable adapters being provided for the HDMI and headphone sockets (although the headphone adapter is only practical for the Model A and B, not the B+ or the newer Pi 2).

The RiscPiC-mini measures approximately 6x10x3cm, and the current version can only comfortably house a Model A or (original) Model B, but not the B+ or the newer Pi 2. This case is designed so that while it features the distinctive curved front of the RiscPC, its width is such that it exposes all of the Pi’s connectors more directly. The last remaining RiscPiC-mini cases from the current batch will be available at the show for £27 including VAT (discounted from £30).

The usual selection of games, including Floopy and Quicksand, will also be available to play, and I will of course be happy to discuss other applications, such as WebChange and Seek’n’Link.

And there will be plenty of chocolate to be eaten!

So why not pop along to the Soft Rock Software stand and say hello?

The show takes place at the Webbington Hotel, Loxton, Somerset, BS26 2HU, on Saturday, 21st February, 2015, with doors open to the public from 10:30am until 4:00pm.

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