Oct 232017

Available on either CD or USB flash drive, the Soft Rock Software Collection is a compilation of all of the RISC OS software currently available from the Soft Rock Software website – with extras!

The Soft Rock Software Collection - USB flash drive

The Soft Rock Software Collection – USB flash drive

The contents will vary from one edition to the next as more material is added or existing items are updated, and will include desktop applications, games, command line utilities, and more.

Desktop applications include WebChange, an application designed to help with website maintenance, and which includes a whole host of features.

Command line utilities include WaitUntil, a tool that allows you to ‘pause’ an Obey file according to certain conditions, such as until a particular file exists (or not), or until a certain amount of time has passed.

The Soft Rock Software Collection - CD

The Soft Rock Software Collection – CD

Games include Escape from Exeria and Guardians of the Labyrinth, and puzzle game Switch! Drop Rock sees you collecting scrolls from a cave system, and there are also three adventure games including Quicksand.

Extras may include items that are not yet released and available to download, but which soon will be, as well as ‘test’ versions of in-development software.

The usual price for the Soft Rock Software Collection will be £15.00 including VAT, but as a launch offer it will be available at mainland UK RISC OS shows for £10.00 including VAT while it remains in its first edition.

To find out exactly what’s included in the first edition, and to buy your copy, come along to the Soft Rock Software stand at the RISC OS London Show, which takes place on Saturday, 28th October, 2017, with doors open from 11:00am until 5:00pm, at:

St Giles Hotel,
Hounslow Road,
TW14 9AD.

See you there!

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