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Birthday » Soft Rock Software
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Jun 302014

As I said on 20th March, today – 30th June, 2014 – marks the ‘official’ 25th birthday of Soft Rock Software, with the business having been set up in 1989; the bank account was opened on 20th March, and 30th June saw the first transaction on that account. That first transaction, even though it wasn’t a sale – it was me introducing some of my own funds into the business – was what led me to adopt 30th June as my official trading year-end, and is therefore why I consider 30th June the official birthday of the business. Continue reading »

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Jun 292010

I am pleased to announce that, as planned, to coincide with Soft Rock Software’s 21st birthday, a 32bit version of WebChange is available for RISC OS users to download, free of charge from the WebChange website.

The software is technically still a beta version – the last of the main functions having been added over the last few days – but most of what is there has been stable for some time; in house testing hasn’t shown up any significant problems, and any that have been reported by people using the development versions have been dealt with. Provided no new problems are found, the version now available will eventually have its version number bumped up to 3.00.00.

The one thing missing is a user manual and, barring any other problems, that is the next thing to be done. In the meantime, the manual for the old 26bit version is available from the WebChange site, and further information can be found by looking at the mailing list archives. I hope that anything not covered (or which has changed) in the old manual or through the archives should be reasonably self explanatory. Anything else, along with any support queries, should be raised on the mailing list.

The full announcement, as posted to comp.sys.acorn.announce, is available here.

Jun 022010

I am pleased to announce that Soft Rock Software will be in attendance at the Midlands Midsummer Mugshow, which this year takes place on Saturday 10th July at St John’s Church Hall, 205 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1HY (full details on the website). This event is the closest one to Soft Rock Software‘s 21st Birthday and will, in effect, be the official launch of the 32bit version of WebChange as a free download, with WebChange Pro (the chargeable upgrade) to come later.

Mar 062010

It’s VAT time at Soft Rock Software HQ and while sorting that out, I’ve become distracted by some old files. Amongst other things, I’ve just found my earliest file of statements for the business bank account.

Missing is sheet number 1, but the statements are monthly and sheet 2 runs from April 20th 1989 to May 19th 1989, sheet 3 from May 20th 1989 to June 19th 1989, and so on. Logically, then, if sheet 1 was produced one month after opening the account, it must have been opened on or very close to 20th March 1989. This means the 21st anniversary of opening that bank account will be on the 20th March 2010 – which is two weeks from today. That date is, therefore, arguably the 21st birthday of the business.

However, since the outset, I have always operated a trading year that ends on 30th June: My first set of accounts were for the year ending 30th June 1990, and I’ve continued on that basis ever since. Knowing this, and being unable to remember the details of when the account was opened, I had previously assumed I’d opened it in or around June 1989. I now know this to be wrong – but at the same time, I now know why I adopted that trading year.

The very first transaction on the account took place on 30th June 1989. This does, of course, mean that first trading year was actually a year and one day, but that first transaction was my own money being put into the account to fund the expenditure that was about to start.

On that basis, then, it’s reasonable to declare Soft Rock Software’s official date of birth as 30th June 1989. So, on 30th June 2010, Soft Rock Software will be 21 years of age.