Your suppliers (and staff) need to know what you are paying

On Wednesday 16th December 2009, the UK Payments Council came to a decision regarding cheque payments, as explained in this press release. It’s important to note that the situation isn’t quite as simple as some places have reported; it’s not just a case of “cheque payments to end by 2018, full stop” – there’s slightly […]


Obtaining a Work in Progress figure from Sage Job Costings

All of the companies I work for on a regular basis use one or another of Sage’s products for accounting purposes, but only one uses Sage Job Costings. As its name suggests, this is a program into which all the company’s costs are input, be that supplier invoices, employee time, etc, and allocated to a […]



Welcome to the ‘Posts’ section of the Soft Rock Software website. The purpose of this section is as a repository of miscellaneous articles which would be usefully provided via the website, but in a content managed form rather than in the normal website design. These would be articles which are related to the business operations […]