Midlands Midsummer Mugshow 2010

I am pleased to announce that Soft Rock Software will be in attendance at the Midlands Midsummer Mugshow, which this year takes place on Saturday 10th July at St John’s Church Hall, 205 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1HY (full details on the website). This event is the closest one to Soft Rock Software‘s 21st […]

RISC OS Shows RISC OS Software

WebChange and WebChange Pro

Soft Rock Software’s flagship product, WebChange, is to become two products – WebChange and WebChange Pro. The first of these, to be released later this year, will be WebChange. This will be a free download, to replace the 26bit version which is currently free to download from the WebChange website. This free release will provide […]


Soft Rock Software’s 21st Birthday

It’s VAT time at Soft Rock Software HQ and while sorting that out, I’ve become distracted by some old files. Amongst other things, I’ve just found my earliest file of statements for the business bank account. Missing is sheet number 1, but the statements are monthly and sheet 2 runs from April 20th 1989 to […]


Wakefield RISC OS Show 2010

I am pleased to announce that Soft Rock Software has booked a stand at the 2010 Wakefield Acorn and RISC OS Show, which this year takes place on Saturday 24th April at the Wakefield Cedar Court Hotel, where I will be again showing off WebChange Pro.

RISC OS Mailing Lists

Temporary problem with riscository.co.uk domain and mailing lists

Unfortunately, the riscository.co.uk domain is currently unavailable, and therefore the mailing lists provided at that domain are not at this time functioning. The problem was called by a renewal issue with the domain registration; specifically that I was blissfully unaware it was due for renewal, having received no notifications or requests for payment from the […]


Your suppliers (and staff) need to know what you are paying

On Wednesday 16th December 2009, the UK Payments Council came to a decision regarding cheque payments, as explained in this press release. It’s important to note that the situation isn’t quite as simple as some places have reported; it’s not just a case of “cheque payments to end by 2018, full stop” – there’s slightly […]

RISC OS Software

Quicksand: Diary of a RISC OS game

While tidying up some old files I discovered the following text, which I had written in late 2007. It’s some notes I wrote up about how Quicksand (a text adventure game for RISC OS) came about, and a broad outline of how it was written. I think I was intending to finish it and publish […]


Obtaining a Work in Progress figure from Sage Job Costings

All of the companies I work for on a regular basis use one or another of Sage’s products for accounting purposes, but only one uses Sage Job Costings. As its name suggests, this is a program into which all the company’s costs are input, be that supplier invoices, employee time, etc, and allocated to a […]



Welcome to the ‘Posts’ section of the Soft Rock Software website. The purpose of this section is as a repository of miscellaneous articles which would be usefully provided via the website, but in a content managed form rather than in the normal website design. These would be articles which are related to the business operations […]