Welcome to the ‘Posts’ section of the Soft Rock Software website. The purpose of this section is as a repository of miscellaneous articles which would be usefully provided via the website, but in a content managed form rather than in the normal website design. These would be articles which are related to the business operations in some way, but which don’t themselves need to form part of the core site – items which previously might have appeared in the ‘misc’ section.

Over time, there has been the occasional item in that section, but they haven’t remained on the site beyond a move or major redesign (where more work was required than a few operations of WebChange, and I’ve thus concentrated on the core site; the information and downloads, etc). There have also been times where I’ve considered publishing something in that section, but didn’t because I was planning such a redesign (or whatever). By publishing such things in this WordPress blog in future they will survive such redesigns – they are now seperate from that core site.

The sort of thing that will actually appear here should be quite varied, and not just be limited to what (I imagine) most people who “know” Soft Rock Software online will expect, which is probably the RISC OS software etc. While there will be some of that, it’s actually the smallest part of the business – the biggest is accounting work, mostly using various of Sage’s packages, and I’ve sometimes considered publishing articles based on questions I’m often asked or issues I often deal with; so that’s an example of the sort of thing that’s likely to appear here.

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